Picture of 2015 Contract Milking Agreement

2015 Contract Milking Agreement

Booklet – x2 copies



Federated Farmers has launched its revised Contract for Contract Milking.This Contract is used where the contractor milks the cows on a cents per kilogram milksolids basis.


The main benefit of this revised Contract is that it now clearly sets out the obligations for the farm owner and the Contract Milker.  We have beefed up the areas where the contractor has to think about what is required, who does it and who pays for it

  • More detailed and in a logical order.
  • Spells out who does what and who pays for it
  • Requires a conversation up front on matters such as the farm policy and feed covers
  • Health & Safety and drug and alcohol policy requirements clear
  • Failure to care for the herd properly can lead to the contract ending.


Booklet – x2 copies



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